Wildcamping and Everymans Right in Norway

everymans right
A frequently asked question is: Is it allowed to camp in the wilderness of norway as foreign visitor because of an everymans right? The answer is: Yes, that is quite possible. There are, however, some rules you need to follow. Behind the following links you can find the government regulations regarding this topic:

Wildcamping at Norway

This page offers some summarized information that is specifically related to the topic camping. It involves a carefully chosen interpretation of the author and does not guarantee completeness and accuracy.

(un)cultivated land
In the regulations is always a distinction between cultivated and uncultivated land. The following areas are considered to be cultivated:

  • farmyards
  • plots around houses and cabins
  • tilled fields
  • hay meadows, fenced areas
  • cultivated pasture
  • young plantations

and generally similar areas where public access would hinder the owner or damage his property in any way. A site is considered uncultured, if it is not cultivated or otherwise tilled.
wild camping
Wild camping with a tent is generally permitted without permission of the owner only on uncultivated land. But there are some rules which you should be aware of:

  • Wild camping is always at your own risk (eg damages caused by wild animals)
  • the owner of the land should not be hindered in any way
  • the distance between your tent and inhabited houses hast to be at least 150 meters (except on campsites)
  • you are only allowed to camp two days in one place (except in mountain regions and remote areas)
  • young trees must not be damaged
  • it is not allowed to leave your waste behind in any way
  • a place where you have camped wild, should generally be left clean
  • camping in the wilderness can be prohibited for safety during hunting season by the local authorities
  • it may give additional constraints in nature reserves (more details mostly on info panels)

The same rules also apply for picnics and sunbathing on uncultivated land.

wild camping next to the car
It is forbidden, to drive a vehicle on uncultivated land. At cultivated land it is only allowed, if you have the permission of the owner. But you are allowed to park your vehicle along a public road, as long it causes no real damage and the traffic is not hindered. If your tent stands next to the car and you builded it up according to the rules already mentioned, camping is also allowed there.

wild camping with caravan or rv
It is also not forbidden to spend the night in a caravan or rv along a public street or a public parking lot. As long as you follow the already mentioned rules and local parking regulations. But you should always watch out for signs that prohibit to park or to stay overnight in such areas.

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